Thursday, December 19, 2013

Come Back and Visit

The Steering Committee launched a Google Site to provide information about Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accreditation and to solicit feedback on the self-study draft. The site also contains information about the review process, resources, and documents about Middle States accreditation.

Although comments are always welcome, the feedback form on the site was specifically designed to focus comments and suggestions within the framework of the 14 MSCHE standards. Those 14 standards are the criteria which Siena is judged as meeting all mandated conditions of accreditation.

A request to review the self-study draft, also posted on the Google Site was made in early October. During the week following that request, 50 unique visitors viewed the Google site (not counting OIE staff) as seen in the line chart below. As seen, most hits were generated on Friday, at the end of the week.
Data from Google Analytics

The number of visits is heartening because not many comments were sent using the feedback form.  In the coming weeks, the Middle States Steering Committee and OIE will try to identify the best method to solicit comments.  If you have any ideas, send them to

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