Thursday, December 19, 2013

Siena Research: Concurrent Enrollment - Fall 2013

A recent study was conducted to examine concurrent student enrollment, a student enrolled in more than one post-secondary institution in a given academic year. Results indicate that almost one-third (32%) of Siena juniors and seniors enrolled in Fall 2013 have taken at least one course at another college. Students with GPAs less than 2.0 were more likely to take courses at other institutions while enrolled at Siena College than students with GPAs 2.0 and higher. Most courses were taken at community colleges and Siena students were most likely to take these courses during the summer. Eighty-four percent of these students took their first course at another college during the first two years of attending Siena. Most cited reasons for taking a course(s) at another college were it was less costly and more convenient than taking the course at Siena.

Concurrent course enrollment is a lose-lose situation for the College. Courses taken at other institutions cost the College an upward estimate of $400,000 per year. Additionally, students can also be at a disadvantage. Although many of these courses are transferred to Siena for credit, the content may be different or taught at a lesser degree of rigor.

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